Adobe professional

Adobe professional Does anyone know how to set the word wrapping in Adobe profeessional when making up a form?

geek_ian207, May 14, 9:10 pm

Adobe Flash professional or what? which adobe product?

geek_madmanadam, May 14, 9:11 pm

Sorry Adobe designer version 7. When I insert a text box I can only get one line but I would like to get word wrap working.

geek_ian207, May 14, 9:15 pm

Tried.... shift+enter?

geek_hazel26, May 14, 9:25 pm

Shift then enter works for wrapping but it does not make the box any bigger to allow you to see the whole paragraph.

geek_ian207, May 14, 10:07 pm

..... Click the Text Tool (T) and instead of clicking once in the canvas (white drawing area) click and drag it to make a square..(the size of your paragragh)..

geek_electit, May 15, 1:00 pm

..... no that does not work either. you can't see the whole text only the first line.

geek_ian207, May 15, 5:16 pm