Faulty WD 1GB SATA drive - Replacing Circuitboard.

puddleduck00, Aug 20, 12:16pm
My WD Elements 1GB external drive died today. I wouldn't mind some of the stuff off it (luckily I had backed up my important stuff). Unfortunately, I ripped it out of the enclosure and stuck it in a working machine and it won't even show up in disk management (shows up in BIOS though). So it's not the enclosure, it's the actual HDD. I need to buy a new HDD to replace it. . I'll get the same one. Is there any reason why I can't use the new drives circuitboard (not to be confused with the enclosure's circuitboard) on the faulty HDD to rule out that as a problem. Have you guys used a donor circuit board on a HDD?

gibler, Aug 20, 12:31pm
yep - needs to be (in general) an exact match though (same firmware etc)

puddleduck00, Aug 20, 12:43pm
Cheers. Bit of a gamble then, even with the same model WD Elements external there could be a different beast inside. Will have a crack tomorrow and report back. Looks like I need to buy a set of Torx screwdrivers too gu'h.

radiowaves, Aug 20, 12:43pm
Yeah I've heard of it being done but I wouldn't attempt it. Hell I just replace aHDD in a dead notebook today and gave it to my wife to replace her heap of $hit and she thinks I'm clever. Please don't spoil the illusion *G*

dino7, Aug 20, 12:49pm
warranty? CGA? ... ... . . if not either use hoursssss of your life you will never get back trying to do as you suggest or simply sigh and remember shite happens:)

puddleduck00, Aug 20, 12:54pm
Will a warranty cover data recovery? I'd be pretty iffy about trusting some tech with my shite anyway. If I can get my stuff off it, i'll put it back together and them claim warranty.

peter148, Aug 20, 3:32pm
WD warranty and service is excellent. Fill out an RMA form.

drcspy, Aug 20, 4:24pm
wont cover data they never do

pcfix4u, Aug 20, 8:34pm
Hey puddleduck00.

Boot from a Hiren disk and run getdataback.

There are 2 versions of getdataback on the disk, Fat32 & NTFS

You can run this from windowsas well.

puddleduck00, Aug 20, 10:59pm
I might actually give that a go, thanks! It's worth a shot. I tied the WD diagnostic utility, but it only recognises the drive, won't do anything else, says something about a cable error (which I have ruled out).

pcfix4u, Aug 20, 11:07pm
RE: but it only recognizes the drive, won't do anything else
That's a good sign, I reckon getdataback will crack it.

Good luck

jayc2007, Aug 20, 11:25pm
If you've opened it up, you can forget about them honoring any warranty it may have had.

pcfix4u, Aug 20, 11:38pm
Only if you leave evidence.

little_egypt, Aug 20, 11:55pm
Have done this twice, once successfully and once not. That's not much of a sample to go on, but it's enough for me to say sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. YMMV ;)

And after recovering the data (or not) I've always put the board back into the "good" drive and tossed the "faulty" one, rather than keep using a drive that might still have other problems. .

puddleduck00, Aug 21, 12:43am
Come on dude, give me some credit

puddleduck00, Aug 21, 12:44am
It didn't work haha. I changed it over fine, but I think the firmware may be different as they were manufactured on different dates. I'll just cut my losses I think. I lost 800GB of stuff, but the important things like my photos and Uni documents were synced to another drive.

puddleduck00, Aug 21, 1:41am
To avoid this happening again I'm going to sync two external drives. Do you guys know of any software that will sync in realtime? I have syncback, but that only does scheduled syncs.

little_egypt, Aug 21, 1:46am
Set up a software raid1 array with two USB drives? You probably can't do this in Windows...

r.g.nixon, Aug 21, 1:49am
Don't think I would like that, It would delete the copy in real time also. Delayed by an hour would be good. There's a free version of Genie Timeline that may be worth checking out.

pcfix4u, Aug 21, 4:13am
I repeat:

RE: but it only recognizes the drive, won't do anything else
That's a good sign, I reckon getdataback will crack it.

puddleduck00, Aug 21, 4:24am
I forgot to mention, I did try that. It comes up the same error. I'm not gonna chuck the drive away just incase, but I'm pretty sure it's poked.

pcfix4u, Aug 21, 6:53am
Shame you are so far away, I would have had a crack for free for you seeing as you are a music man.

pcfix4u, Aug 21, 6:55am
I bet it can be saved due to " but it only recognizes the drive"

If Hiren wont testdisk will.

puddleduck00, Aug 21, 11:16pm
I'll keep trying. . I have accepted that any loss is permanent, so if i get it back it's just a bonus haha.

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