Texting XT from vodafone: cheaper option

17¢ is painful [prepaid vodafone]
2° is 9¢
what else, get an XT phone just for texting XT humans?

chewed through about $2 yesterday in a quick text parry

geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 10:59 am

On XT you can text Vodafone for no extra cost if you're on one of the text plans. Prepaid or Postpaid.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 22, 11:21 am

that's awesome [and how it should be] vodafone are punishing us for texting XT

geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 11:23 am

Perhaps you could just walk out of the basement and talk to your mum directly and save the $2 per day

geek_jcmp21, Aug 22, 11:30 am

Ohhhhhh snap.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 22, 11:33 am

what's your number poxy? we'll have a TMMB texting party.

geek_paddaricko, Aug 22, 11:42 am

pretty tempting, but how much does it cost to text a 2° number?
if you get to keep your number shouldn't be the same price? ! ?


geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 11:53 am


geek_radiowaves, Aug 22, 11:57 am

XT texts 2 degrees for no extra cost too.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 22, 11:59 am

i'm trying to find out how much it costs a vodafone customer to text a 2° number, the vodafone site is awful isn't it.
on the "starter 2000" plan apparently

geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 12:02 pm

"TXTs sent to other networks in New Zealand are charged at 20 cents per message. "


geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 12:06 pm

Haha. Yeah it's confusing. So many different rules.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 22, 12:12 pm

Do you go blind TXTing yourself?

geek_radiowaves, Aug 22, 12:13 pm

2° looks pretty easy, just sign up and you're away, i think... ?
i can even use the same phone.
my buttons are a bit sticky so i could do with a new unit.

edit: nope, i've stuffed that up already ha ha oops

geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 12:18 pm

So do we get a thread now about how one phone is a dollar more than another, and so on?

geek_jcmp21, Aug 22, 12:20 pm

Telecom has invested a lot of moolah building the XT network in the hopes of crushing other networks; current or future. They need to climb upwards toward domination as quickly as possible to recoup profit and entrench future profits.
They are offering that big carrot to accelerate the process of getting everyone to sign up to XT. Buying an XT phone is only helping that situation and letting Telecom play you for a chump. When they don't need the carrot anymore, they will start using the stick.

geek_cybertao, Aug 22, 12:24 pm

may as well just roll with 2° then?

geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 12:31 pm

how rude! Poxy is ignoring us. C'mon mate, what's it gunna take for a little response. I know you want to. Liven up what is a bleak looking Sunday outside.

geek_paddaricko, Aug 22, 12:43 pm

He has got his sidekick to do the talking for him.

geek_jcmp21, Aug 22, 12:58 pm

czech it out mangs, $149 for this piece of awesome http://is. gd/evmdb

geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 1:00 pm

That seems alright as a basic phone for calling/texting. Not for data usage though.
The other bells and whistles such as mp3, radio, and bluetooth makes it look good for the price.

geek_cybertao, Aug 22, 1:38 pm

it's for texting only ha ha

geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 1:45 pm

with 2degrees there $10 text pack, you can text any network, same with XT. But in our house we have all changed to 2D find it alot better than XT

geek_btoogood, Aug 22, 2:32 pm

You can get txt600 addon on your vodafone mobile

geek_mone, Aug 22, 2:52 pm

hey get this, i went into DSE and they have the exact same deal as the 2° site
free $10 text deal, cool.
pity the phone keypad is awful.

vodafone "simply prepay" is 12¢ texts to ANY network
the "simple" plans seem ok i suppose

geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 5:46 pm

I have a proper job and I get free texting from my work phone and from the web.

geek_jcmp21, Aug 22, 6:21 pm

Pretentious much?

geek_cybertao, Aug 22, 6:53 pm

WOW free texting! Does work provide a limo service and barrista with that awesome perk?

geek_dunedin_ree, Aug 22, 6:55 pm

No unfortunately not, I get a car but I have to drive it myself and the coffee machine is just down the hall. Cant win them all but oh well

geek_jcmp21, Aug 22, 7:07 pm


geek_cybertao, Aug 22, 7:10 pm

Wow nice cut and paste job. Maybe you could come up with your own material the other boys and girls might be more impressed with you.

geek_jcmp21, Aug 22, 7:12 pm

Nah, there's no way I can be more impressed than I am already.

geek_dunedin_ree, Aug 22, 7:13 pm

It's good to know that some people are able to be pleased. So many are never happy these days ya know.

geek_jcmp21, Aug 22, 7:15 pm

i think i might get one of those cheap nokia phones instead, at least they are nice to use.
proper buttons not just a flat piece of plastic.

geek_0800xford, Aug 22, 7:22 pm

i -think- i can just buy a 2° sim and just stick it in any 'GSM' phone
so i don't have to get the phones they have on special, that's cool.

do any of you guys have a 2° phone/sim?

geek_0800xford, Aug 23, 8:30 am

I do, in my Vodafone Nokia.

Where they don't provide their own service, they piggy-back off Vodafone's network.

geek_cybertao, Aug 23, 8:56 am

yeah? wicked.

i've probably wasted $80 on texting other networks from vodafone so i may as well just grab an $80 2° phone before i waste any more.
this phone here is on its last legs, not bad for 3 years of use.
it's a samsung e250, the keypad is failing and various other bits are falling off ha ha

geek_0800xford, Aug 23, 9:00 am

2Degrees is 9c to any network if you have no plans :D dont forget Magic Topup free txts and 2c

geek_yabastuff, Aug 24, 1:41 pm

it's a bit odd that the dse website doesn't mention the deal and the 2° site [and the operator, who i called] didn't mention it either.

it looks like i now have to have 2 phones now too...

geek_0800xford, Aug 24, 1:43 pm