Dell Printer cartridges - Any other suppliers?

tintop, Aug 22, 11:53pm
I am looking into a Dell V313W wireless printer.

On checking around I see bad stories about cartridge costs and the tie in to Dell supply only.

Are there any other options for getting cartridges for these printers?


malachiman, Aug 22, 11:56pm
You could always give cartridge world a ring, they would know. They refill and deal with 3rd party replacements.

tintop, Aug 23, 12:32am
Thanks Malachiman -

Tried them - Printer is a new model, they cant do cartridges for them yet.

toerag, Aug 23, 7:02am
Try Great value

gdf001, Aug 23, 5:47pm
Ive used Inkvenus for years, great service, vast range of printers catered for, very good pricing. Never a problem with their inks in my Epson M/function.

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