ADSL splitters and jack set up

All. I've been having major trouble getting a DSL router to work. Specifically it wasn't connecting to the provider (DSL light not on). In the past I've always been using splitters on every jack. Tonight to test, I plugged the modem device straight into the wall, leaving a splitter on the cordless phone and monitored alarm in another part of the house (and different jack but same line) and it finally connects and seems to run okay. Diag from the Netcomm unit looks okay speed wise as well. For years I have been under the impression that a splitter was required on every device (inc modem) to maintain line integrity for the connection. Have I been wrong? Or is this some sort of freak occurence? I can't work out what has changed given that connection used to work with the splitter in place until three weeks ago when it packed a sad and stopped working. Feedback or comments?

geek_foxdonut, Aug 23, 7:47 pm

Also, I've tested with no less than 3 routers of different quality / brand, including a rather spiffy Dynalink RTA and all new RJ cables.

geek_foxdonut, Aug 23, 7:54 pm

splitters are only needed for lines with a phone attached they are there to filter out the adsl 'noise'.

geek_penrose, Aug 23, 7:59 pm

Some filters do something to an ADSL signal although I'm not sure what.
The newest "hardwired" filters available are "VDSL" compliant, which for some reason means they have an extra connection for the broadband, whereas previously the hardwired filter only filtered voice/fax and the DSL line was connected directly to the line coming in to the house.
Again, I'm not sure why or what the difference is.

geek_damon3, Aug 23, 8:18 pm

You have a monitored alarm-you need a loop on the primary jack
to seperate digital/analog-then you don't need any filters anywhere.
Thats like seperating data& conversation.

geek_deodar1, Aug 23, 9:06 pm

there are some cheap-ass monitored alarms that just plug into an outlet. Real usefull if someone breaks in and just takes the phone off the hook...

geek_richms, Aug 23, 9:19 pm

This is an alarm for a health monitor so I assume it works like a fax service. If its un plugged then the provider calls to see everything is okay. disconnecting it is the best way to make sure its still working.

What I can't understand is why the set up stopped working, nothing changed and then it worked without the filter on the adsl connection after a few weeks of down time and plenty of talk from the ISP that there was nothing wrong. if I plug the filter in now it will stop working. Forgive my ignorance, but a filter would simply be an RF choke or similar - they're not "mechanical" right?

geek_foxdonut, Aug 23, 9:29 pm

Who is your ISP? Research on the web will yield diagrams & install
instructions. Make sure it's a NZ page.

geek_deodar1, Aug 23, 9:47 pm

the spliter and filters are only for phones not for adsl modem modem are always straight on the line the filter has a straight thru conection where it sais dsl.... I have had conection problems with old dsl modem-router My isp tech said it could be old age of modem capacitor etc getting weak for it to not connect.. purchased me a gigabit lan modem router for 250$ from linksys and it connects now it self always.... can still take 30 minutes till it conects once it was off for longer on bad rural line but connects automatically.

geek_intrade, Aug 24, 11:20 am

We could only guess.Did someone start sending faxes through the modem?Did someone plug the phone or the medicalarm into the clear-thru socket on the filter?Do you live near a beach?corrosion in the sockets could have broken the filtering in one of the splitters...and so on.

geek_wombatunder, Aug 24, 2:47 pm