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shimmy93, Aug 23, 9:20am
so i am 30 something percent downloading a file on bit torrent and my speed drops out, there are no seeds

i did not know how bit torrent worked, so turned off all my uploads, my ratio/sharerating for this file is something like 0. 031 %. And i have heard that the trackers ban you if you have a bad rating.

i looked at the share rating of other files i have downlaoded and it is a different figure, so i guess the share rating is per file and not over all.

So do i have zero speed and no seeds because there are no seeds or because of my share rating?

0800xford, Aug 23, 9:23am
just use limewire

swivel, Aug 23, 9:29am

richms, Aug 23, 9:33am
What ISP, what tracker?

Slingshot do stupid shit to tracker updates which make things go real bad sometimes. If you stop torrenting and leave it a while it will stop doing stupid shit and you can get another trackerupdate in.

Whats the trackers own interface reporting as the seed and leecher count?

shimmy93, Aug 23, 9:45am
i know very little about torrents, i just know there are things called trackers and they ban you if you are free loading. So cant answer the interface question. .
im with xtra, i have frostwire. . but can i keep the 30% of the file i already have?

gyrogearloose, Aug 23, 9:45am
If there is never a seed online with 100% of the file, then you're wasting your time - you, and all the other peers, will never be able to get to 100%.

0800xford, Aug 23, 9:48am
the cake is a lie!

shimmy93, Aug 23, 9:53am
but do i see no seeds because lots of trackers have already banned me for free loading or do i see no seeds because there simply are none at all?

encoure_trade, Aug 23, 9:53am
Would have to agree with Gyrogearloose, and if you were smart you would be using atleast somesort of peerblock while dll'n of Bit Torrent. :)

cybertao, Aug 23, 9:58am
If you're worried about your ratio, there are some options such as uTraitor.

0800xford, Aug 23, 9:59am
do people not steal from shops any more? i thought that's what all the hoodies were for.

mone, Aug 23, 10:10am
uTorrent is not bad. Just annoying GUI

shimmy93, Aug 23, 10:18am
can that only be used with utorrent?

i dont have a problem changin to another client, its just i dont want to start the download from zero again. Is there a way to continue downloading the file i have already downloaded 33 % off in bit torrent?

mone, Aug 23, 10:25am
Yes just go into uTorrent and open/browse the folder. As long as you have the tracker, youre sweet

mone, Aug 23, 10:30am
Just make sure you set uTorrent as your default torrent downloader, then open the file from within uTorrent, then download.

shimmy93, Aug 23, 11:31am
well im running u torrent now, but i think there are simply just no seeders, bummer

swivel, Aug 23, 9:59pm
whats the file

jcmp21, Aug 23, 10:09pm
From what I understood you could still get the entire file if there are no seeders as even though people don't have the complete file they have collectively the parts to make it complete.

swivel, Aug 23, 10:11pm
but they would have to be seeding to get the parts

paddaricko, Aug 24, 1:55am
yeah they come and go the seeders. You might see zero one day and then the next there are half a dozen. I've got heaps of uncompleted torrents, some been going for months. I just leave them, and usually, eventually someone will come and seed it to completion.

What's the file bud. I might be able to find you some more trackers. Only private sites require ratios. I just stick with the public ones Kick Ass, etc.

mone, Aug 24, 2:54am
If you got heaps of incomplete torrents for months inactive, you simply have to wait and hope that people re-seed one day lol good luck.

paddaricko, Aug 24, 3:54am
it does happen.

jcmp21, Aug 24, 4:34am
I'm glad at least we can now mention the word torrent without the hall monitor screaming out "voted"

paddaricko, Aug 24, 5:11am
I hear they're hot on the case of someone who mentioned getting "AnyDVD" for free? We're lucky we have them to protect us from ourselves.

Actually I haven't seen a "voted" for a while. I think they have a new word for it?

hayster94, Aug 24, 7:39am

jk lol

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