Help..have just brought a new printer

janeysue1, Aug 24, 5:48am
for our Bridge Club.It's a HP F2410 and when I tried to install it on our Acer laptop (Vista) it said it did not meet the system requirements.Its needs at least 512 MB of ram and our computer is 502 MB. do I need to get more ram installed or is there something I can do to install it?Thanks

hapukanz, Aug 24, 5:53am
I am guessing you are installing the software?

Just load in the driver snd ignore all the other stuff. There should be an optionf for installing just the driver

janeysue1, Aug 24, 6:36am
All sorted,Thanks very much!!

v8xa, Aug 24, 6:39am
watch out for the mean hawks on here

gibler, Aug 24, 7:04am
we swoop on it..

sprinter51, Aug 24, 11:34am
All ram purchases over $10,000.00 come with 90 days RTB and free install.
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lythande1, Aug 24, 8:23pm

You're running Vista on 512mb??!! Buy more RAM.

wombatunder, Aug 25, 12:18am

There ya go - Microsoft said it could be done and nobody believed them!

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