Purchasing a new gaming pc

boobeer, Aug 25, 2:18am
I only want to spend around the $1500 mark, I like the amd 1090t, dont want to go i7. Any ideas on who has some good prices and service? just ideas or comments, as Ive been looking on here for 3 weeks now.cheers. gtg boss is looking at me.lol

rgtrading, Aug 25, 2:21am
Why not an I7? If you build it yourself, you could get a fairly decent I7 system for about $1500, not including peripherals though.

mone, Aug 25, 2:23am
You can get a gaming PC for $200.If you're playing solitaire

slowenemy, Aug 25, 2:26am

"Gaming Computer for AMD 955 6GB Ram 1000GB HDD Power System" - $1,699.00

Under - Systems/AMD Systems

lifesteala, Aug 25, 2:31am
I've read very bad reviews on pconlineshop... cheap as items and when delivered the correct item order is not what gets delivered..

boobeer, Aug 25, 2:47am
ok the boss is gone for coffee

boobeer, Aug 25, 2:50am
I have had a brief look at building my own system, but some of these sellers on here must get a bloody big discount! sometimes I cant even match some of the systems they have 4 sale. I dont really want 2 go i7 just because of cost. the 1090t is a lot cheaper, or even th BE 955.

suicidemonkey, Aug 25, 2:54am
I've built a nice i7 system with 4GB DDR3 RAM, GTX470, etc, for $1550. That was with non-discounted prices from pricespy

No idea why PCs are coming out with 6GB RAM these days. Most people wouldn't ever use half that much.

rgtrading, Aug 25, 2:58am
Have a look on pricespy.co.nz
And I7 920 or 930 is under $500, motherboard - $300-500, RAM - $200-$500, GPU - $250-$500 for something fairly decent (and it can be replaced later) HD, OS, Case, peripherals could all be from your old system.

slowenemy, Aug 25, 2:58am
can't say i've had that problem with them lol.

But, The AMD Phenom IIx4 Back edition cpu is awesome, and has come down in price.
I purchased mine last year for around $320ish and
Its handled everything i've thrown at it so far

boobeer, Aug 25, 2:59am
was that with case & power supply? nice system all right.

boobeer, Aug 25, 3:02am
GPU was wanting something around the hd series 58 or 5970, lowest i would go will be the 5770 bair minimum. i cant go with my old case as it is to small, and the power wont be enough.

boobeer, Aug 25, 3:02am
frik boss is bak!

deamo, Aug 25, 4:02am
If you're wanting AMD - i would stick to the X4 series. you're unlikely to get any use out of the additional 2 cores on a 6 core CPU.
Hell, even an X2 555 would be more than capable for gaming..

Then you'd be able to use the extra $$ elsewhere.

gibler, Aug 25, 4:05am
buy one from Trade Me ... with 4 cores you get 8 GHz!!!

deamo, Aug 25, 4:23am

wickedtrader, Aug 25, 4:38am
the x58 mobos use triple channel ram, 1gb in each slot (3gb )usually isn't enough so people settle for 2gb in each slot = 6gb

boobeer, Aug 25, 4:40am
cheers guys 4 all the info,

laj3, Aug 25, 4:59am
lol almost had a heart attack with that asus m4a89td. says it is $170, lol just got mine for $289. the one for $170 is only the m4a87 lol

andre77, Aug 25, 5:31am
i just got a 1500w psu

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