Anybody used a CISS with your printer?

jenjen19, Aug 25, 10:36am
Would you recommend them?

mattnzw, Aug 25, 11:05am
Been attracted by the TV ads have you ?They were on fairgo a few weeks ago, and the story went nowhere, as the guy wouldn't appear.
I have been thinking of trying it myself as it looks like a good product, but must be installed properly exactly to the instructions. For my particular printer, it is very expensive, and I don't do enough colour printing to justify the price.

relic, Aug 25, 6:21pm
We have 3 computers on our small network, each computer has its own printer and each of them uses a CISS. They are all Epson. No problems have arisen and I am more than happy to continue using them. Yes installation must be done to instructions.

dap, Aug 25, 7:38pm
My son uses a Brother colour printer and I installed a CISS on it over a year and a half ago.Not too difficult to install, and the tanks haven't even needed topped up yet.Only cost $80 for the entire product on Trademe (and the tanks were full).

Definitely recommend if you are using a multi-cartridge ink printer.

jenjen19, Aug 25, 8:21pm
thanks guys. I have a Canon and I do a heck of a lot of printing. I'm refilling the cartridges at least every 2 weeks. Thought this might be a bit of a time saver

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