Intel CEO warns the U.S

charles.j, Aug 25, 9:40pm

jayc2007, Aug 25, 9:58pm
You agree to cut taxes on corporations, and encourage more economic development? Doesn't really have anything to do with Intel, could be anyone saying that about govt, as many already do.

charles.j, Aug 25, 10:06pm
I agree that The U.S is a tad overkill

malachiman, Aug 25, 10:13pm
Well it will be politically intentional, just like every other western country.

In the states ???donations??? help you get you elected. Once your in you have some return back scratching to do.

hdmovies, Aug 25, 10:36pm
I agree with:

"U.S. legal environment, claiming that its become so hostile to business"

But general business tax cuts may not be the answer.

r.g.nixon, Aug 25, 11:07pm
The US needs double the tax take for 10 years to balance the budget and get rid of their deficits. Either that or reduce spending by 50%.
It doesn't look good!

babcorp, Aug 25, 11:10pm
And all this was from his observations during a dinner!

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