Adobe flash player plugin crash

satyricon, Aug 27, 9:53pm
Anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it?

0800xford, Aug 27, 9:58pm
plugin for...?

satyricon, Aug 27, 9:58pm

r.g.nixon, Aug 27, 10:03pm
On which website? Could it be a badly coded game?

0800xford, Aug 27, 10:03pm
does it 'crash' on the same site every time?
which site?
if you use ie does it crash on the same site?

satyricon, Aug 27, 10:05pm
its crashing everywhere, youtube etc heaps of other sites. Cant work it out, ive tried uninstalling it and reinstalling.

satyricon, Aug 27, 10:10pm
crashes on ie firefox and chrome

0800xford, Aug 27, 10:12pm
try the browsers in their safe modes [no plugins or add-ons loaded]

satyricon, Aug 27, 11:16pm
How do I do both of those things? lol Thanks

r.g.nixon, Aug 27, 11:24pm
Start > Programs > Mozilla Firefox > Mozilla Firefox safe mode

seriouslycgi, Aug 27, 11:26pm
type about:plugins in your adress bar, what version do you have?

satyricon, Aug 27, 11:38pm
Same thing in firefox safe mode, I think I have version 10.1 shockwave flash?

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