Making a printer wireless??

hapukanz, Aug 27, 11:54pm

If I plug a USB wireless adaptor into the USB port on my printer.. will it become a wireless device??? or do I definitelty need a wireless print server?


malachiman, Aug 28, 12:32am
Good question.

I think maybe not.

I think the printer would have to either have built in networking or you need a print server thingy for the ???puta"

0800xford, Aug 28, 12:33am
ha ha ha!

hapukanz, Aug 28, 12:36am
but if I plug the same printer ( which had hard wired network port) into my router it becomes a network device.

johnf_456, Aug 28, 8:55am
Why not plug the printer and share it on the network. Then other pc's connect to your pc and send the documents through.

hapukanz, Aug 28, 10:08am
YEs I know I can do that... it is what we do... but the network router is upstairs in the office, and I get fed up of having to trek up and down to get my printing LOL... I have 2 printers...intention is to put one onto the network router upstairs in the office for the kids to use, and keep another downstairs where we tend to run our laptops which connect to the network wirelessly. Would be good to have this printer wireless.. We have the printer, it has a network connectionand a USB port. The only solution apart from trying to make it wireless is to run a cable and socket from the router upstairs to the downstairs, something I am not keen to do

jcmp21, Aug 28, 10:14am
Put in an AP beside the printer downstairs and plug the printer into it.

lostdude, Aug 28, 11:03am
err yeah, wireless usb devices require drivers... if you can install drivers on the printer, then by all means...

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