Help with a 1661 Nokia phone

manddtrott, Aug 28, 4:30am
Whoops, had to apologize to my son today after I accused him of not replying to any of my texts.While having a play around I found all of his texts in a place called screened messages.I have no idea how they ended up here and cannot stop any messages going to this file.Can anyone help?

deodar1, Aug 28, 5:37am
You must have felt a fool,then

little_egypt, Aug 28, 6:54am

Not sure if the option on your phone will be exactly the same, but it should be similar.

guest, Nov 24, 9:57pm
This also happened to me! I met a guy and had a great time, then never heard from after. Which is not usual, but just wondered. He then contacted me via Facebook and was irritated because I never responded to his text messages. Saying that he had sent me all these messages and I never responded? I thought he was lying or not being direct? Then just yesterday morning after receiving a text message I came across "screened messages" and here I found all these text messages, along with the messages from this guy! He had sent them and now I also felt like the fool and sorry I distrusted him. It would not have been the 1st time, but when someone really says they did something, it is hard to retract. The relationship has not recovered, but for other reasons.

guestcebugirl, Sep 22, 11:14am
Please help me in nokia 1661-2 screened messages. Thanks!

guest, Sep 23, 2:18am
i accidentally deleted my received message how can i recover it?

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