Help with a printer I'm selling please...

lancejg, May 15, 1:30am
Help with a printer I'm selling please... I'm selling my printer. I have the power cable and the usb connection cable. I can't find the cd that came with it though nor the instruction manual. Is the cd an essential part or would the new owner be able to install and use the printer without it?

mcceltic, May 15, 1:33am
What brand of printer? Most printer models have drivers and instructions available on line.

lancejg, May 15, 1:36am
HP PSC 2110 I was thinking there may be an online manual or something...

mcceltic, May 15, 1:42am
Best bet would be to download the drivers etc and burn them to CDRom and give them to the buyer and explain what happened to the original CD.
Link here for drivers:<br />

lancejg, May 15, 1:49am
Cheers mate :)

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