If I turn off 3g on my phone

will the text messages and calls still run as normal .I'm told that it saves your battery life if i turn it off

geek_stevie1, Aug 28, 7:20 pm


geek_dunedin_ree, Aug 28, 7:21 pm


geek_bidda2, Aug 28, 7:43 pm

What does that mean lol,yes or no to battery life

geek_stevie1, Aug 28, 7:48 pm

Yes it does save battery life. If you're not using data services on your phone and have decent gprs coverage then there is no real need to have it enabled. Hell my phone doesn't even support 3G, call quality is fine.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Aug 28, 8:25 pm

It sure will save battery, if your not using the net or making video calls turn it off. It also uses a lot of battery constantly changing between 2g and 3g. Has 3g coverage is not everywhere. (depending on what cell network you use and location of course)

geek_johnf_456, Aug 28, 8:45 pm

Sorry, lol. Misread the title as "If I turn my 3g phone off" I need to re-read things

geek_bidda2, Aug 28, 9:31 pm

Cheers Guys

geek_stevie1, Aug 28, 9:52 pm

Only on Vodafone?Cause Telecom XT has no support for 2G

geek_mone, Aug 28, 10:10 pm

If it's on XT and you turn 3G off, you won't get texts or calls either because there's no 2G network for it to fall back on.

However on Vodafone you can.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 28, 11:22 pm