Printer help please

willy59, Aug 28, 8:41am
Can anyone help with this...... We have a Hp deskjet F2180 and it was installed but I had to uninstall it which I have done a couple of times with no probs then reinstall but this time when I try to reinstall it comes up with error saying has not passed windows logo testing to verify compatability with windows XP. I am getting really f.....d off have uninstalled then reinstalled a few times now and still can't get it sorted, why do I get this message now we have had the printer for approx 2 years now is it time for a new one, please help............TIA

gyrogearloose, Aug 28, 8:44am
Just click 'Yes" to ignore that message and proceed with the install.

smoothjazz, Aug 28, 10:11am
These are the recommended procedure from HP re your printer to solve the problem:

"Follow these steps to install the HP software on Windows XP.
1. On the Software Installation screen with the 'Windows logo testing ' error, click Continue Anyway .
NOTE: You might receive more than one prompt about the software not passing Windows logo testing. Click Continue Anyway each time you receive the prompt.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions until you get to the Found New Hardware Wizard screen. This screen might include a list of products and prompt you to Please select the best match for your hardware from the list below . Leave the selection at the default, and then click Next .
3. Continue following the on-screen instructions to complete the HP software installation."

drcspy, Aug 28, 6:18pm

completely irrelevant.
ignore it

willy59, Aug 28, 10:07pm
I have ignored it and continued anyway but my printer will not print..............

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