Anyone used windows home server?

charles.j, Aug 29, 12:24am
I'm investigating ways to backup computers here. Rsync is pretty good but I just remember windows home server(It'd just make things a little easier).

Has anyone had a crack at it?

Otherwise I think i'll be using freenas + rsync lol

pjtoo, Aug 29, 1:45am
I have been using it now for over a year to backup a desktop and two laptops. Find it very good for automating backups, a function that, otherwise, I might never get around to. Any backups are accessable at file level. Great for when you want to replace an OS HDD.

jcmp21, Aug 29, 2:23am
So when one machine is infected the other clients and ultimately the home server get infected too. I'd be inclined to use a linux install maybe debian and try rsync.

nizmonut, Aug 29, 6:48am
not if you use a individual fire wall (from avast pro for example) and set it to scan every incoming/ outbound file transfer on the server.

pjtoo, Aug 30, 7:07am
Other than using a Unix-based server system, as suggested, this risk would be different from any enterprise WinServer installation in what significant way?

charles.j, Aug 30, 7:24am
I could use a linux/unix server. I'll just have to learn that side of things.

I'll have another look at WHS, but will most likely stick with Rsync

richms, Aug 30, 12:08pm
When I looked at windows home server, its handling of storage was pretty crap, in that there was no raid-5 or similar, just mirroring stuff between 2 drives that you couldnt even really see what was on which drive.

Very inefficiant use of space when 4 1TB drives will give 3TB usable space raid 5, but under 2 with the way it operates.

I have some old macheins with server 2003 licenses on it, I just use that in craptastic computers with many HDDs on them for the backups, one in the house, one in the shed, take important stuff offsite on a few externals as well.

jcmp21, Aug 30, 1:02pm
If a network worm/malware etc is able to wipeout a windows client machine, chances are it will also be able to wipeout a windows home server. By having a Unix/Linux machine running it is far less likely to be comprimised by the same piece of malicous software.

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