Printer prints my email addy on every page remove?

domaine, Aug 29, 10:07am
my laser printer prints my email on every page printed, how do i edit this function please?

drcspy, Aug 29, 10:11am
and why would it do that if you are for example printing a picture off your camera etc ?

does it print this addy on EVERY single page you print no matter what the source of the page or what ?

domaine, Aug 29, 10:22pm
yes, print a page off email yes , print 10 pages off a discyesprint 10 pages off a word doc yesmy email at bottom of all pages

domaine, Aug 30, 10:31pm
comon pc wizzardsthis must be an easy fix

0800xford, Aug 30, 11:04pm
check your printer preferences: header, footer that sort of thing

little_egypt, Aug 30, 11:04pm
Somewhere in the printer settings you must've enabled some sort of page footer.

0800xford, Aug 30, 11:33pm

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