TV on Demand - button to maximise view not visible

tessie2, Aug 29, 11:08am
The whole page looks different to what it used to.The video area is on a pinky background, with a description of other programmes to the right of the video.This descriptive area covers some of the buttons.I can see the volume one, the 700k one, the question mark and a peep of the "lights out".But not the one where you can maximise the screen to full size.There is also a download video that pops up but I don't want to do that.Why on earthhas it changed and what can I do about it?My friend's display is OK.

lostdude, Aug 29, 11:20am
Change your screen resolution to something larger than 1024x768

tessie2, Aug 29, 11:30am
I'm already on 1200 x 800, the maximum.

tessie2, Aug 29, 11:32am
Thanks for suggestion.Am heading off to bed.Will check tomorrow to see if anyone else can offer a suggestion.

guest, Aug 3, 7:31am
Hi, I googled begennir camera classes Billings, MT and your previous class showed up. So I am emailing to inquire about if you might have another class coming up or if you are up for some private hire/tutoring!??!I'm desperate! I think I love photography, but as soon as I try and take a photo I get incredibly discouraged and walk away pouting. I don't want to be the girl that forever uses her fancy DSLR camera in auto mode. I'd love any help!Thanks so much. Happy Holidays!-Sarah Barkie

guest, Aug 4, 11:02pm
Hi,Can you let me know if your running this csruoe in the futureOr if you can run this one-two-one as I am photographing a lot of models at the moment, I just want to ensure I am covering all areas and getting it right for both myself and the models?Regards & Many ThanksNorman

guest, Aug 7, 1:20am
The Sept meeting mintues have been added. Sorry it's so late, I thought they were already uploaded to the site. In October, we did not have a meeting since that would have been the annual board meeting, but we did not have enough owners attend nor turn in their proxies. We decided not to meet in December so November's meeting notes won't be posted until they are approved at the January meeting.

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