Gmail access issue - bad Request Error 400

Hi there,

I come in fear and trepidation of being ridiculed, but I know not what I do when it comes to computers, so go easy on me!

Last week, we changed providers to Vodafone.I set up a gmail address.Last night I was loading new contacts into my Gmail contacts list and the computer (PC) disconnected and I had to reboot.On rebooting, I could not access Gmail.To get to it I had been typing "" into the Google box.I thought that this morning all would be OK, but I am still getting the above error message.I am running Firefox.Can anyone help me out here please?(nicely, now....!)

geek_trah, Aug 30, 8:26 am

*Is your PC secure ?. If your PC is not well-protected, then all kinds of problems may occur - including HTTP 400 errors. If you run Windows, stay uptodate with automatic security updates from Microsoft and possibly consider getting a registry cleaner. Always have good anti-virus and spyware protection. Invest in a hardware firewall if you can afford one. Be sensible surfing the Web - block pop-up windows and avoid bad sites. If your PC security is compromised, then Web traffic out from your PC to the Internet may be secretly corrupted by malware (spyware, viruses, etc.) running on your PC. This can be difficult for you to detect.
* Have you installed web-based software ?. Some social networking and games sites ask you to download and run software on your PC so you can interact with other people on the Internet directly (without using your Web browser). This software, if badly written or even criminal, can corrupt all HTTP traffic from your PC. Getting rid of that defective software can be difficult. At worst you may have to reinstall your operating system again (possibly losing all your personal data on your PC if you do not have backup).
* How stable is your Internet connection ?. If you have recently changed ISPs or your ISP is very slow or unreliable, then Web traffic from your PC out to any site on the Internet may be corrupt. Your ISP may have reconfigured some of their setup (e.g. introduced new proxy servers or cacheing) that is causing some instability. A possible sign of problems here is if you can not easily browse the Web site of your ISP. You can also try to check that the Web site you are actually visiting is the one you think you are visiting. For example, you may have a DNS problem. You can check this using a ???ping?? test. A DNS problem may be caused by your ISP or may be on your own system e.g. in a ???hosts?? file.
* Do you get the error on more than one Web site ?. If you get the error on lots of Web sites, this indicates the problem is on your PC, not on those sites.
* Do you get the error using more than one browser ?. If you have two or more Web browsers installed on your PC and the behaviour is not the same (one Web browser gives an HTTP 400 error visiting a site, another Web browser does not give the 400 error visiting the same site), then one of your browsers may be defective. Try to find an upgrade or security fix for the problem browser. If you recently changed some configuration options in the problem browser, try reversing the change to see if that helps.
* Do you get the error on big Web sites ?. If you get the problem on quite a small site, visit some of the bigger sites like Amazon, Ebay, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. If you get the problem only on small sites, it indicates a problem with only those sites or the traffic from your PC to those sites.
* Do you get the error on simple URLs ?. If you get a problem with a long complicated URL (such as but not with a shorter simpler URL for the same site (such as, this can indicate a problem with the Web server on the site you are trying to visit. This is not conclusive evidence, but is a good starting point. Contact the owners of the Web site and describe the problem to them. You may find for example the problem occurs with POST methods (you are both submitting data to the Web site and retrieving data from the Web site), but not with GET methods (you are only retrieving data from the Web site).
* Do you have a cache problem ?. Try clearing your cookies, browser cache and browsing history in your Web browser. Disable or remove any third-party cacheing or ???web accelerator?? software you installed. Then try rebooting your PC and any firewall/router you use to connect to the Internet. That may not fix the error, but at least may eliminate any problem due to old settings on your PC.
* What has changed since you started getting the HTTP 400 problem ?

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 30, 8:29 am

last item should read:
What has changed since you started getting the HTTP 400 problem ?. In general terms, think about what has changed on your PC since you first started seeing the problem. This may cover any of the items mentioned above. Work backwards and see if undoing those changes makes any difference.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 30, 8:30 am

the 'google box' is there so you can SEARCH for items of interest; boats/flowers/whatever the hell you like

it's a SEARCH a library index.

Try typing your into the ADDRESS BAR - you know, the part of the screen where it usually says something like tap enter

geek_drcspy, Aug 30, 8:37 am

r.g.nixon - I am so sorry to say that I just want to run away and hide under a rock after reading your post.You were so kind to suggest all those things, all of which are completely unintelligible to me!Apart from the last one:the only thing that changed, between the two Bad Request Error 400 messages was that I went to bed and had a sleep overnight!

geek_trah, Aug 30, 8:44 am

drcspy - it's not Google I have a problem accessing, it's gmail.

geek_trah, Aug 30, 8:45 am

Well, just try one of the easier options listed.
Clear your Firefox cache.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 30, 8:48 am

yeh whatever, the same instructions apply anyway

you type the ADDRESS you're trying to get to into the ADDRESS BAR (funny that eh) NOT the search box.

geek_drcspy, Aug 30, 8:54 am

Drcspy - and when I do that (i.e. into the shall-I-shout-it "ADDRESS BAR"), I get the Bad Request Error 400 message.

r g nixon - can you tell me how to clear the Firefox cache please?

geek_trah, Aug 30, 10:47 am


geek_drcspy, Aug 30, 10:49 am

have you also tried getting to gmail using internet explorer ? or any other browser ?

geek_drcspy, Aug 30, 10:50 am

tools/options/privacy/clear your recent history.
Use the pull down to specify the time period.
Use the check box ticks to specify the data to be cleared.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 30, 11:08 am

Thanks for the 'other browser' suggestion drcspy - just got in no probs via Internet Explorer.Does that now suggest a plan of action for allowing me in via Firefox - I do prefer to use Firefox.

geek_trah, Aug 30, 12:33 pm

Ok, I am way late on this thread, but I'm having the same problem. I was in Internet Explorer, entering contacts into my Gmail account. After entering about 30 contacts, I started getting the bad request error 400. I could get to any other site I went to, including my google calendar, but got the error 400 every time I went to mail. I cleared my cache, cookies, browsing history, etc..., restarted my computer, and still had the same problem. Thought the problem was with IE, so I downloaded Firefox. Was able to get into gmail, and everything worked for a little while. Then it happened again. Now I can't get into gmail in IE or Firefox. Everything else works perfectly.

geek_guest, Feb 18, 1:54 pm