Was sold a laptop adapter today at a shop and

erynne, Sep 2, 4:43am
was told it was totally compatible with my computer. i have a dell inspiron 1300 requiring a 19V 3.16A type adapter. the one she sold me is 19V and 4.74A. i called and talked to her and she said that it is a better and more powerful adapter and will work better for me. she is expert and knows. is this correct? she says long as the 19V is right the other part isn't such a big deal? HELP andthanks in advance. :D

little_egypt, Sep 2, 4:50am
The voltage has to be the same.

The current has to be equal or greater than the amount the laptop wants. If the laptop only needs 3A then that's all it will take, it doesn't matter that the adapter is capable of supplying almost 5A

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 2, 4:50am
Yeah thats fine.

erynne, Sep 2, 5:00am
thanks for your help. so it doesn't really matter that this is better and more powerful and she gave me an amazing price then does it? lol the price wasn't as amazing as al that to be honest. lol just need it to work.

r.g.nixon, Sep 2, 5:42am
If it is 19V and supplies 3.16A or more, then that is what you need.

If the shop has 3.16A, 4A, 5A, 8A, 10A, 50A ones - you take whichever is the cheapest (within reason... you don't want brand LickMe from the backblocks of Laos)

drcspy, Sep 2, 5:43am
your machine draws 3.16A this adaptor will supply 4.7A

that means it's not going to be working hard at all to supply charge to the machine......

it's good

ferita, Sep 2, 7:44am
I had a similar adapter I purchased in canada and man it would heat up. It got so hot you couldnt touch it.

It worked though

vtecintegra, Sep 2, 7:45am
Sounds like a standard macbook adaptor

charles.j, Sep 2, 7:52am
Sounds like the HP adapters

richms, Sep 3, 4:54am
if its a genuine adapter, then you are fine, if its a counterfeit one (called replacement by lots of sellers) then no, it will probably blow up, and leak loads of mains voltage onto the low voltage side and make lots of interference on the power as well.

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