Help wireless internet access in motel

paddypf, Sep 2, 8:23am
I am in a motel in Dunedin and have wireless internet access but for some reason I can't connect to xtra to check my emails or to facebook , google search doesn't seem to operate either. using EST antvirus would this be holding things out . Any help appreciated.

gibler, Sep 2, 8:26am
probably have to pay yer $$$

paddypf, Sep 2, 8:59am
Done that I have username & password

jcmp21, Sep 2, 9:06am
change your smtp setting to:

Edit: sorry were you trying with webmail or were you meaning through like outlook or something?

paddypf, Sep 2, 10:40am
just trying to get into xtra.o get my mail can't google search so must be a setting in my security somewhere but I can get onto other sites ok

boots0016, Sep 2, 10:45am
Do you know how to log on to your webmail ?

paddypf, Sep 2, 11:03am
yes I do I do it everyday at home but for some reason a lot of things won't work here. Trademe is fine as is grabaseat, you tube facebook and xtra won't work.

boots0016, Sep 2, 11:07am
Have you had a talk with the motel reception about it ?

boots0016, Sep 2, 11:08am
if so, what did they say ?

jcmp21, Sep 2, 11:15am
Try changing your DNS servers tosomething else like opendns: ,

paddypf, Sep 2, 11:34am
Think I have solved it I had to tell my firewall to stop filtering traffichope I don''t let any nasties in

boots0016, Sep 2, 11:38am
Have you turned your firewall off ?

boots0016, Sep 2, 11:39am
Thats not a good idea, unless you know what you are doing

richms, Sep 3, 4:36am
I just dont trust wifi hotspots or the other users connected to them.

jcmp21, Sep 3, 4:40am
I have a travel router I use and VPN or SSH back to work or home, otherwise I use my iphone to connect and after that I just wont connect at all.

johnf_456, Sep 3, 5:02am
Clap clap turn ur firewall off on a public network with any sort of dodgy pc's that could be on it. You need to fix the fault, not open the door entirely.

footplate1, Sep 3, 5:07am
Just back from Australia and used hotel wifi (at varying huge charges) with only one site that wouldn't work.And that was a shop.

richms, Sep 3, 5:19am
Unless you have used https to all those sites, you have no idea what you were seeing was what the site was sending, too much scope for the other users of the network, or the network itself to be manipulating content.

I am always remembering that story ages ago where people were injecting fake stories onto news sites content to manipulate stock prices.

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