shellzbellz33, Sep 2, 11:48pm
I am trying to send photos in hotmail with the Photo Upload thing.
A yellow bar comes up the top saying

"Internet Explorer has blocked this site from using an ActiveX Control in an unsafe manner. As a result this page may not display correctly."

How do i change this??? there is no option when right clicking to "allow to run" etc


nizmonut, Sep 2, 11:51pm
Active X? that still around.. oh wait...IE is still around, thats why.

shellzbellz33, Sep 2, 11:55pm
OK, that was really helpful...

shellzbellz33, Sep 3, 12:01am
Should i be using firefox?

mysteryman007, Sep 3, 12:04am
Firefox is safer & slightly faster to use in my experience.

shellzbellz33, Sep 3, 12:06am
ok, thankyou - i will change to that :)

mysteryman007, Sep 3, 12:08am
You could try, # Click on ???Tools??

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