Can\'t access Google, HELP!

No matter what I do I can't access Google or anything Google relatedon my computer, can someone give me an idea how to fix this problem please.

geek_radman23, Sep 5, 7:30 am

Have you tried with a different browser?

Is your computer clean from malware? If not scan it with antimalware

geek_ferita, Sep 5, 7:34 am

I've had a cleanout of Malware before but thought it might be something else.

I will give it another clean out and see what happens.


geek_radman23, Sep 5, 7:47 am

Get opera browser

you will be so glad you did. It is free, fast and secure

geek_ferita, Sep 5, 7:52 am

Are you a father? It's fathers day rest!

geek_johnlyn, Sep 5, 7:56 am

no unfortunately, but I'm doing my best to give my Dad a cruisy day of rest and relaxation.:)

geek_radman23, Sep 5, 8:02 am

Ok I've downloaded opera, FANTASTIC it is, thanks heaps, but I still can't access Google and some websites I visit are slow to load.

I assume I need to do a malware check?.

geek_radman23, Sep 5, 8:27 am