Msgtag and Outlook/Windows Vista?

princess52, Sep 5, 8:46am
I had problems with Outlook not sending after I installed msgtag. Uninstalled msgtag and emails went.

I was using msgtag with outlook express and windows xp with no problems.

Does anyone know if outlook/vista and msgtag conflict?

0800xford, Sep 5, 9:30am
msgtag is crap, remove it.

princess52, Sep 6, 4:43am
I like it though. It means people can't pretend they didn't get emails about trades!

vtecintegra, Sep 6, 4:47am
If the recipients end is properly configured then the software won't work at all.

princess52, Sep 6, 8:25am
I haven't had many "not works" ones vtec. In fact some that you think would be so tightly locked up, are not.

Is anyone able to answer my question at post 1?

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