Adobe Acrobat

Can anyone tell me if a document is typed in adobe acrobat can it be copied to a Word document. If so, how is it done. Thanks.

geek_etta1, Sep 6, 5:07 pm

Try foxit or evince as a pdf reader and they let you select the text and copy it to a word document.

You can then export your word document to a pdf..

geek_jayc2007, Sep 6, 5:10 pm

Switch to, install the PDF import plugin and you can edit PDF's in OpenOffice Draw.

Or I think you can open them in scribus too.

geek_little_egypt, Sep 6, 5:17 pm

Thanks all, will go and try one of these. Need to re-page a document and certainly cannot do this in adobe.

geek_etta1, Sep 8, 7:06 am

Don't expect it to be easy. PDF is a page description language not a word processing format, paragraphs of text will usually be broken up into individual lines or may even be just individual bitmap objects. Some pdf documents are even just one big image.

geek_little_egypt, Sep 8, 7:22 am