Printer problem

waihekeshells, Sep 6, 8:35am
i have an HP psc 1210 all in one printer.Has done really well, but I don't really use it much.It has died. It didn't give me any warning just won't turn on.I've checked the plugs they are all in and on and the sound on my computer has also died.I've tried the usual controls to get sound back but nothing. Any suggestions.I have an oldish (6 yrs) compaq pressario.

jcmp21, Sep 6, 9:15am
Maybe check it with another computer to see if its not the computer and not the printer that's bung.

damon3, Sep 6, 9:21am
does it make warm up sounds when you turn it on? does it have a power switch on the back? depending on the model some have a hard switch on the back as well as a soft switch on the top/front.

waihekeshells, Sep 6, 11:51pm
NO, there is only the on'off switch next to the copy/scan buttons.There is no on/off on the back.There are no lights no noises just a dead printer?

biggal, Sep 7, 8:12am
I know this sounds obvious but trace the power cord back to where it plugs into the wall socket and make sure there is power there - plug something else into the socket to check there is 230v there.

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