Cant access hotmail

using firefox, but can using IE 7

i can get as far as my nbox and see what ail i have, but when i click on a email message, nothing happens, but using IE i do not have a problem
anybody have an ideas
thanks in avance

geek_trekker9, Sep 7, 1:28 pm

ctrl shit delete > then clear your cookies caches etc... reboot ff to be sure. Then try again.

geek_johnf_456, Sep 7, 1:32 pm

why did it have to be something so simple, thanks alot johnf

geek_trekker9, Sep 7, 1:35 pm

Awesome good to hear pal, Thank you for taking the time to reply. Most people don't, especially considering its free help. Computers can be funny things at times, often turning it on and off again or removing / re installing fixes it. Often fixes "most" issues.

geek_johnf_456, Sep 7, 1:38 pm

LOL johnf - picturing trekker "ctrl shit delete"-ing......

geek_plumba2nurse, Sep 7, 5:09 pm