alyssajono, Sep 7, 11:15am
Im with slingshot and since wednesday last week have been receiving speeds not faster than 32 kb/s.

I did a slingshot speed test tonight and noticed that the tcp to client was closed but the udp was open.

Can anyone shed some light on weather this is an issue and if so how it could be fixed.

Running windows 7 64bit
Dynalink RTA1320e (the black one)

doudle101, Sep 7, 12:32pm
Take a screenshot of the speedtest.
What plan are you on?. Do you use filters on your SKY, etc also how many telephone jack points have you got.

alyssajono, Sep 7, 7:13pm
i think ive got about 4 or 5 points but only 1 is used.
I have 1 filter with the phone and internet coiming out of it. Thats all.
Ive tried a different filter, tried a different modem, not running sky so yeah.
Im going have to ring them tonight and ask where to go from here as i was told when talking with helpdesk last night that they couldnt tell me when to expect it fixed so di i keep paying for broadband or should i pay for dial up until it is resolved

smac, Sep 7, 7:35pm
You need to delve into your modem to check what speed you are syncing with the exchange first. If your connection is compromised by crappy house wiring (an example, not saying it is) there's not much your ISP can do.

r.g.nixon, Sep 7, 8:05pm
UDP is just a faster but less reliable way of sending you data, Maybe they use it for the speed test instead of TCP.

odin5, Sep 8, 10:04am
My speed dropped with Orcon the other day to well below ADSl 1 speed 0.76Mb/s in fact.I rang them and they reset my connection at the exchange and now I am back up to over 10Mb/s.

So I suggest giving them a ring and asking if they can reset your connection for you and see if that fixes the issue

Chorus had been working on the exchange last week so I think they messed things up.

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