Free Personal Webpage Hosting (ie Geocities)

cookee_nz, Sep 8, 5:11am
Looking for a good alternative to the now-defunct Yahoo/Geocities.

Main thing is I don't want to be tied to only preset choices of templates, and I'd really like FTP so that I can quickly recreate (upload) my old page pretty much as it was and then bring it up to date. It's only a personal and hobby page so free would be ideal, but I could live with a nominal monthly charge if I had to but better toscope out all the free options first.No disrespect but please don't just hit me with suggestions from google searches, I can do that myself (and have). I'm really looking for someone who maybe has gone through the same thing when Geocities shut down and has found and is using something similar.Thanks in advance.

foxdonut, Sep 8, 5:48am
Your ISP probably gives you free web hosting. But honestly, if you look around places like Hostmonster will do you unlimited hosting and a free domain name for less than 10 bucks a month. Free hosts are shit, they're sub let and force you to install adverts. That, and no one will ever visit them.

But if you're adament you don't want to spring a couple of bucks, use myspace.

little_egypt, Sep 8, 5:51am
myspace REALLY forces you to use their own very limited template and themes!! Terrible option!

Use google apps, you can point your own domain there and although you won't have absolute freedom you can customise things a LOT more than somewhere like myspace.

No ftp though.

bidda2, Sep 8, 5:53am

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