Linux/web hosting gurus ques

my webhost company has migrated my web hosting account to a new server. the problem i have is that it reports my disk space usage incorrectly and increased it by 25%. ie ./public_html/modules is 32MB on the web host. a backup copy unpacked on my laptop reports 18.8MB, which is pretty much what it used to be on old server before migration. can anyone tell me why this is??

geek_steves73, Sep 8, 5:34 am

The files settle a little during transport, kind of like how tins of milk powder do. I thought everyone knew that!

geek_little_egypt, Sep 8, 5:43 am

ssh in and find out. How much storage space do you have that you are worrying about 4MB though?

geek_bidda2, Sep 8, 5:51 am

compression? is it a zip or tgz file?

geek_seriouslycgi, Sep 8, 7:43 am

maybe the new host includes mysql usage and/or logs per account?

geek_lifesteala, Sep 8, 8:09 am

You could....maybe....ask the webhost?

geek_smac, Sep 8, 8:44 am

Larger block sizes? Space used by a file is rounded up to the nearest full block so if the block sizes change so does the total amount of diskspace used.

geek_little_egypt, Sep 8, 8:55 am

Could find that there could be a backup file outside of your public_html directory. Get in touch with them, and let them know, they should get it sorted for you ASAP.

geek_flexihost, Sep 8, 8:58 am