Printer to windows 7

husabergsmr, Sep 8, 7:12am
Have new laptop with window 7 and have just purchased fax/printer which is Office Jet. How do I connect one to other as the disc does'nt cater for windows 7.

drcspy, Sep 8, 7:13am
download the correct drivers from the makers site.......or else just plug it in and it *may* set em up for you automatically

sanders4, Sep 8, 7:35am
Drcspy is right, have a photo printer which XP refused to recognise but Win 7 located drivers just fine.

nizmonut, Sep 8, 9:28am
Windows 7

ensure your computer is connected to the internet.

then go

start menu/control panel/hardware and sound/

under devices and printer in green select

"add printer"(which is in blue)

it will come up with two options (which type of printer do you wish to install"

add a local printer (directly connected to your computer)
add network printer (connected via a server, wireless or bluetooth)

windows will down load drivers automatically to get it signified and registered.

then go back into hardware and sound, device manager click on the printer and update driver, select update from internet.

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