Can't access hotmail

Is anyone else having issues. I can't log in and all my stuff about the earthquake and my claims is on there so it is a real pain. I see on downrightnow they have had problems over the last 24 hours.

geek_gonzo376, Sep 10, 10:32 am

Yup me too...flipping things been driving me crazy!!!

geek_karenjs, Sep 10, 10:39 am

...hmmm... had no issues at all. Guess you could try pop3 it with an email program.

It's handy to have stuff stored locally, but one thing I didn't do was uncheck the delete from server option, which was a pain cause it meant all my emails were on one computer. On the other hand if I don't delete on retrieval I can view them from any computer via the web interface... as long as everything's running as it should.

geek_stevel_knievel, Sep 10, 11:13 am