Someone help me please Printer problems

ziggy16, Sep 11, 1:34am
I have a hp psc 1210 printer and I have been having problems with it printing too dark and usually have lines running through the pictures, I have just replaced the ink and now because the photos are brighter I can see the lines really bad how do I fix it? High level of explaining needed thanks

hakatere1, Sep 11, 1:47am
Sounds like you need to do a deep clean. Have a look here:

ziggy16, Sep 11, 6:10am
where am I suppose to look once I open that page can't see anything about a deep clean?

richms, Sep 11, 6:28am
Too dark is usually the wrong paper type selected so its bleeding more than the driver expects.

drcspy, Sep 11, 7:12am
are you blind ? there IS a search box ON that page............USE IT

ziggy16, Sep 11, 7:41am
SMART ARSE wondered how long it would take for some no it all to come along and be a tosser, I don't have anything to do with computers so using a search site like that is very confusing and new to me, I gave it a go and got very lost and didn't find anything of any help to tell me what I needed to do

deodar1, Sep 11, 8:15am
Read The Friggin Manual.

ziggy16, Sep 11, 8:27am
great another one

deodar1, Sep 11, 8:31am
But I don't know it all,just that you need help&having a HP I thought
the HP site might be useful, if you dont have a Manual.Then you can

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