Need a power adapter for an external 3.5

skin1235, Sep 11, 3:34am
where and who has them

sirrab, Sep 11, 4:39am
you might want to give a bit more info like voltage amps required or even the make and model of external hdd

twaymouth, Sep 11, 4:54am
Take it into Jaycar electronics, They have wide range of generic replacment power adapters

richms, Sep 11, 6:30am
Lots have a 6 pin plug like the old PS2 keyboard.

There is no standard on pin location for them, so just because it will fit doesn't mean it will not blow it up with 5v in the 12v or something else.

When I wanted a second PSU for one, noone could do it so I ended up getting another case the same.

Otherwise look on ebay, loads of sellers of adapters from hong kong there, but if there is no pin layout on the enclosure to match up, I would not risk it.

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