ADSL phone filters query.

mikeynz13, Sep 12, 3:17am
Just put new ones on but nit sure if old ones are stuffed, can they be checked, seems a shame to chuck out anything usefull.

jcmp21, Sep 12, 3:20am
Well if they work then they're not stuffed

drcspy, Sep 12, 3:20am
would you pay to 'check' a $10 item ?

datoofairy, Sep 12, 3:21am
Why buy new ones if your old ones still worked?If they didnt work, then obviously they are stuffed.

wombatunder, Sep 12, 3:21am
If they worked, they aren't stuffed.If they were making the lines noisy and the new ones aren't, then just bin 'em.

mikeynz13, Sep 12, 3:36am
well sometimes when ya internet connexion aint that great u do try some new ideas , router flickers sometimes so try new filters ok, hard to notice any difference, could be a number if things but by putting new filters on its one idea tried ok hence the idea to check if they are actually stuffed , that was all but the question still aint been answered, can they be checked?

drcspy, Sep 12, 3:40am
router flickers...........

test the actual line connection by running that router at a friends place or a friends router at your place

mikeynz13, Sep 12, 3:42am
what if i have no friends lol

mikeynz13, Sep 12, 3:45am
i do have another modem for single computer , may hook that in and check router sometime, would not hurt.

familiadude, Sep 12, 3:48am
I have a question for you guys relating to this in my place I have 3 jackpoints for the phone the phone works on all 3 but it doesnt matter what I do my internet will only work from one of them any ideas?

little_egypt, Sep 12, 3:54am
Apparently you already have a 'splitter' installed, and you won't need to use filters on the two plugs where the ADSL modem doesn't work.

smac, Sep 13, 9:51am
Wrong. Some cheapie filters will 'work', however will significantly reduce the throughput.

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