Is anyone here on win XP 64BIT

watson8, Sep 12, 6:45am
just need a few files from your windows folder! experimenting with my windows 7 64bit.

swivel, Sep 12, 6:54am
As in what files

watson8, Sep 12, 6:56am
* Windows\System32\drivers\nwlnk-
* Windows\System32\drivers\nwlnk-
* Windows\System32\rtipxmib.dll

swivel, Sep 12, 8:18am
all can be found on the web.

watson8, Sep 12, 8:19am
a bit harder than it sounds, hard to verify that its 64bit too

swivel, Sep 12, 8:28am
well how do you want them sent ??

watson8, Sep 12, 8:29am
email(shahinadel at g m or upload to any hosting website(rapidshare,megaupload etc etc)

swivel, Sep 12, 8:34am
interesting. Non of those are in my XP Pro 64bit Dir's.Have them on my 32bit XP pro though.

watson8, Sep 12, 8:37am
hm, interesting indeed. i have them on my xp as well. might just test them using that.

swivel, Sep 12, 8:39am

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