Wireless adapter help!!!

charley33, Sep 12, 9:22am
Can some body help please we were using one of these on the kids computer, had issues with my desk top so brought another one, which is great my internet is back up and running, problem is since my is up and running the kids one isnt, is there some thing I need to do so that the router recieves both of them eg change frequency or something, thanks for any help

foxray2000, Sep 12, 9:26am
The DSE one is a problem, most likely issue is the WEP key has dropped offso you have to re-enter it

charley33, Sep 12, 9:30am
cool thanks for that, I may take the new one back and get a refund the guy said it would be fine, so may just get a different type so there is no conflict, when i tried to re connect it, it just wouldnt connect so I have no idea about the WEP key it just kept disconnecting from the net

foxray2000, Sep 12, 9:37am
I have one for a PC in the garage, I am always having issue with it, the best adaptor I ever used that was trouble free was a Netgear WG111

charley33, Sep 12, 9:44am
thanks foxray, it has worked perfectly for 6 months until today when i got another one, just thought that maybe because they identical that the router may not be reading them both maybe mine was cutting out the kids one..... dam technology only great when its working

charley33, Sep 12, 9:45am
ASUS WL-167g WLAN USB 2.0 Adapter... would this one be ok???

welshdude, Sep 12, 9:49am
My adaptor worked fine until I changed my provider to Vodaphone and installed their modem. My adaptor can find my neighbours networks but not mine. Vodaphone help desk has given up - say it makes no sense to them.

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