Facebook Business Page?

radha_giridhari, Sep 14, 9:00am
How to make one? Whenever we try to make one via facebook, it makes apersonal account. we don't want to have the 'add friends' feature, we want the 'fans' option on facebook instead. Please help.

Also we have got a quotation of $1000 for custom business page on facebook + badge on our website.. do you think this is reasonable???

dunedin_ree, Sep 14, 9:04am
Sign into Facebook and go to:

Impossible to say without knowing what they're making.If it's custom branding from scratch then yeah, maybe, because that's more a graphic design job.Otherwise no, it's far too much for something you can do yourself.

radha_giridhari, Sep 14, 9:24am
Thank you dunedin, do we need to have personal facebook account to make business page? we only want to promote business page on facebook..

jayc2007, Sep 14, 10:14am
That price sounds ridiculous.

mattnzw, Sep 14, 10:53am
I depends on what it actually covers. $10 per hour @ $100 per hour from a professional design company isn't unreasonable.

jayc2007, Sep 14, 11:31am
Was just going from a literal interpretation of the OP.

Putting a "Like on Facebook" button on their website (requires minimal design); and "designing" the Facebook Business page also doesn't involve that much work, since there isn't all that much customization and design to do (I wouldn't say there is 10hrs worth @ $100/hr).

Even if the charges are "reasonable" it certainly is something you should do by yourself; unless they are going to be designing logos etc and maintaining the page indefinitely for you

ferita, Sep 14, 6:13pm
If its on facebook just do it youself. You start a group or organisation

johnf_456, Sep 15, 4:41am

Shouldn't need to pay.

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