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smac, Sep 16, 1:48am
It's about time I got off my chuff and set up some way of helping my ma out with her Win7 PC.

Within my own network I use RDP but is this practical to an external host? Via ssh I guess? VNC is sloow.

Was looking at Logmein as well.....but put off a little by the fact it says even the client must be Windows/Mac, even though it's browser based. Sounds odd, but I guess they know.

So, I want to access a remote PC running Win7, preferably from linux but could also be from Win7 at a pinch. Has to be secure, with a minimum of faffing about for the host.Oh and free :)

Ayone any ideas or, better yet, experience?

vtecintegra, Sep 16, 1:53am
I'd just use RDP (provided your host version of Windows supports it).Should be fairly secure.

smac, Sep 16, 2:00am
Ya I hacked my own Win7 (home) PC to allow it to host.....could do that....

jancemord, Sep 16, 2:53am

cambocambo, Sep 16, 4:02am

cambocambo, Sep 16, 4:03am
logmein does work under linux but just a little clunky without the plugin thats available from the logmein labs.

cambocambo, Sep 16, 4:05am

pcfix4u, Sep 16, 4:22am
Agree, teamviewer is worth a shot and its free.

jcmp21, Sep 16, 4:23am
If you use RDP just change the port number in the registry from 3889 or map a different number through the router. Using a VM with win7 or vista to connect would be more secure as well, unless you have a static IP then you can only allow the one IP and would be bulletproof.

radiowaves, Sep 16, 4:24am
I've used teamviewer with my ma (mid 70s) and it's pretty simple.

trevix2k, Sep 16, 5:41am
teamviewer user here as well

smac, Sep 16, 6:04am
OK, the masses have spoken....thanks

Anyone know what protocol this is using?

Also, I see there are versions for both windows and linux, but does anyone know for sure if a linux client can talk to a windows host?

jcmp21, Sep 16, 6:06am
Logmein can, I'm using it right now.

lostdude, Sep 16, 6:14am
I use RealVNC & frequently fix my bro's PC but never had lag problems. It is a little bit slow but that's to be expected. PS, the remote PC is in Christchurch & I'm in Auckland.

jcmp21, Sep 16, 6:17am
Do you tunnel it over ssh or anything?

lostdude, Sep 16, 6:27am
Nope, can't be bothered lol.

jcmp21, Sep 16, 6:29am
wow bugger that lol

quick-trade, Sep 16, 10:52am
Agree used teamviewer a lot it's good, also tried mikogo it's fine to but you need to register (I think)

ferita, Sep 16, 6:57pm
I use tightvnc
the older version works on linux and windows

cursedone, Sep 16, 9:16pm
Zolved ................

makgeeknz, Sep 16, 9:25pm
Teamviewer is good but requires someone on the other end.

VNC is good.

michael.benn, Sep 16, 10:48pm
Teamviewer is good.

smac, Sep 16, 11:13pm
No problem with needing someone at the other end - I'm looking to use this as remote support, and won't be fiddling when they're not there. Ma having to be there to acknowledge an incoming connection is probably a good thing - she won't be worried about me connecting, but she WILL be worried about someone else connecting without her knowledge. This way I can tell her that if she gets a request, and she doesn't have me on the phone, don't accept it.
(I realise VNC can be set up to require acceptance as well)

vtecintegra, Sep 16, 11:15pm
If that's all you want to do then Remote assistance is built into Windows and pretty straightforward.

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