What is a good free antivirus programme?

celtic1966, May 16, 3:28am
What is a good free anti virus programme? Had been using A.V.G. but just got new pc and am setting it up and have been having trouble getting a clean version downloaded. Thanks in advance for your much appreciated help :-)

pcmaster, May 16, 3:29am
Antivir www.free-av.com

0800xford, May 16, 3:29am
.... another avg thread aye =) http://www.free-av.com/

0800xford, May 16, 3:30am
.... oooh snap! ha ha

puddleduck00, May 16, 3:31am
I downloaded AVG 8 and adaware from download.com, both were corrupt....same with a friend...Use an alternative link....However Antivir is far far better in my opinion.

pcmaster, May 16, 3:35am
Theres also avast - forget the link but i could never seem to get the updater to work, and it seems just as bloated as avg and nortons anyway.

spgjf, May 16, 3:48am
Its not free BUT been with nod 32 for 3 yrs and just updated to full nod 32 security suite for less cost than i paid 3 yrs ago. i think its money well spent..regards

audi44, May 16, 4:09am
#1... Go to PC magazine and read the review

hazel26, May 16, 4:12am
I recommend Avast or Anti-Vir. If you decide to try Avast, disable "VRDB generation", and you wont notice a difference in your system performance at all. :)

deodar, May 16, 4:43am
Never been asked that one before! I use AntiVir,NEVER had crapola on
any system.Well,except Windows...

joe12, May 16, 4:51am
Sick of PC'S Every time you turn a PC on you have to wait half your life for the anti virus thing to do its bit, I thought a coumpter was to surf the net & down load stuff and do work on not spend your life messing around with anti virus rubbish, I heard you don't have to worry about all that on a Mac computer, dose anone know?? if that sounds true, ive got an Imac on my auction but now i'm thinking of keeping it.

puddleduck00, May 16, 5:01am
If... everyone went to mac then there would be more malicious software for the OS X platform. BUt yes it's true macs are bullshit free....almost.

joe12, May 16, 5:06am
Thanks puddleduck I got this G3 IMAC given to my for a good deal, but if it dosn't sell on my auction I will keep it, I just have to work out how to conect my LCD screen to it, not into looking into CTR radiation screens, cheers:-)

madmanadam, May 16, 5:06am
I have my own AV Retardprotector v1.6.3

drcspy, May 16, 5:24am
#11 you're obviously incompetant if you 'have to wait half your life time' for the pc to get its' act together after booting up........

deodar, May 16, 5:29am
Joe 12 why all the restore disks then? &600Mhz isn't blindingly fast is it?

swivel, May 16, 6:02am
#1... go to www.filehippo.com. Have a look at the free ones, or just get the most popular.

joe12, May 16, 6:21am
#15 you know what i'm mean? computers are for people to work on and do stuff not spend most of your time showing off how you can keep the PC safely going...hahaha..heheh

dino7, May 16, 8:51am
Re15 i'm with u he is an incompetent idiot:P ........oh its so hard to look after a pc:P try a piece of paper and a crayon you might be able to handle that;)

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