Woud an ADSL filter

matuq, Sep 17, 10:00pm
Help in increasing my download speed?

I've done a speedtest and it's .26 (upload is .14).

I understand I'm in an ADSL1 area and no chance of ADSL2 apparently.

One of my workmates suggested the filter (he said about $17).

I'm not computer savvy so hopefully any answers won't be too technical.

I'm with Telstra.

rgtrading, Sep 17, 10:04pm

You should already have one. It simply filters out all the other signals, so when you use your phone/fax/etc, it doesn't kill you internet.

matuq, Sep 17, 10:42pm
And of course you're right!... I'm even MORE computer illiterate than I originally thought!!Oh well...saved myself $17

intrade, Sep 17, 10:42pm
telstra cable or dsl
cable is no adsl filtering dont apply

gyrogearloose, Sep 17, 10:49pm
I agree, and often this is because the old wiring is not satisfactory, and has been extended from the wall socket to the adsl modem with phone extension leads. Installing new cable to a new outlet next to the adsl modem will improve the speed, not simply because of the splitter.

My tip: install the splitter at the point where the Telco copper comes through the wall of the house, and install a jackpoint at that spot. Then you can test your adsl modem speed and stability without any of the internal wiring connected. Then you can compare that speed and stability with what you get at the end of the internal wiring and extension leads further back in the house.

drcspy, Sep 18, 3:22am

I'll bet you've paid for a 256kb connection ?

in that case you're already getting what you paid for...........

peter148, Sep 18, 5:52am
That would be like paying someone to shoot you in the foot.

drcspy, Sep 18, 5:56am
plenty of people have signed up to those types of connection deals without really comprehending what they're gettin - all they see is 'broadband' they dont understand the numbers or even try to.....

matuq, Sep 18, 6:40pm
Perhaps you could come up with a helpful suggestion then?

mrfxit, Sep 18, 10:46pm
Bit tricky to be clearly helpfull without some plan details.. ....

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