Looking at buying new Acer 1080 23 inch desk top

Anybody recommend this brand or not?Looks very impressive in the shop.Good deal on at Harvey Normans till tomorrow.My current model 7 years old not a brand name won't read DVDs etc any more and I have spent too much money repairing it.I'm into photography and the Acer has best picture quality + power.Thanks I'd appreciate any info.

geek_kingfisher, Sep 18, 3:56 pm

acer are generally regarded as great sources of income by techs who often have to repair them........

your call

as for your current machine not reading dvd's a new dvd drive is about $45

geek_drcspy, Sep 18, 3:58 pm

Yes, Thanks drcspy - I've been quoted $150 odd to get a new dvd drive.Its just another repair in a long list of problems.I've looked Acer up on Consumer - its running 2nd last in favourability.Its hard not to get keen when you see the difference in photo quality using full HD.

geek_kingfisher, Sep 18, 4:03 pm

Samsung make some very nice full HD monitors.

You don't have to buy a desktop "package"... get one made to your specifications.

geek_dunedin_ree, Sep 18, 4:06 pm

do not buy any windows computer go apple Imac

geek_clogsz, Sep 18, 4:20 pm