New HTC Desire - help setting up e-mail account

bpc123, Sep 18, 6:52am
I've recently upgraded from my old cellphone to a new HTC Desire - a bold move for a technophobe!

I'd like to be able to use the phone to check my xtra e-mails - am I able to this? What would be the settings I need to input into the phone so that this is my default mail.

I'm on vodafone if that makes a difference. After spending most of the day trying to search online for this, I'm not making any progress.

Thanks in advance.

vtecintegra, Sep 18, 7:04am
IIRC Xtra is useless and doesn't support IMAP so you'll have to set up as a POP3 account.

I don't have Sense (which changes the Email app) on my phone but on standard Android its as easy as opening the Email app, chucking in your address and changing a few settings (as per

hapukanz, Sep 18, 8:39am
Does it not have an option where you can download email setting onto the phone?

I am sure the HTC TYTN does this so yours should do it too?

Of course you could always RTFM lol

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