I am running hp psc 1200 printer

timberman, Sep 18, 11:25am
Uninstall your printer
Download new drivers from HP
Then install again
I down loaded the exact drivers today without any issues

ladeda, Sep 18, 7:15pm
How old is this thread? He's probably bought a new printer by now.

I have the same printer and bought a new black cartridge (the cheaper, non-HP one) only for it to print grey. I returned it and got another and is still printing grey.

SO, do I throw the printer away and buy a new one, or spend another $54 for a genuine HP cartridge to see if that works?

emmas, Oct 1, 8:45am
quite happily until recently. Dont do a lot of printing, but occassionally I use it as a photocopier. however last time I tried to copy found it had "inverted the colours" so for a letter instead of black print on white background, I got the opposite! needless to say using up huge amount of Ink! When I checked the HP printer directer on scanning a picture it appears that the inverted colours is now the default. As I certainly haven't changed it can only assume it got changedIE8 download. earlier this year?Now I cant even find the Hewlett & Packard on the programmes menu so I cant uninstall and then reinstall.... So has anyone got any ideas?

emmas, Oct 5, 8:14am
bump.. bumpity

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