ADSL2 modem - wireless router

what is good brands, and not so good brands.

Many thanks,Bruce.

geek_brucie44, Sep 19, 4:17 pm

Best bang fro your buck out there IMO would be the TP-link range. Simple, cheap and rock solid!

geek_acura, Sep 19, 8:18 pm

Got my Belkin 3 years ago and never caused a problem

geek_fishb8, Sep 19, 9:40 pm

What are you after, good range, good reliability, good price or what?

geek_taxfreetrade, Sep 19, 10:45 pm

Telecom used to use D-Link ones, which are excellent, even when using the Telecom-crippled firmware.
More recently Telecom have been sending out Thomson units, which I have heard are very poor. I understand the reliability is not good, and that the firmware is very restrictive.

geek_flockton55, Sep 19, 10:57 pm

Netgear and Linksys (aka Cisco).

geek_dunedin_ree, Sep 19, 11:30 pm