How long till theres 16gb Ram?

How long till theres 16gb Ram? I notice that you can now purchase computers with 8gb of ram, I'm wondering how long till we can get comps with 16gb ram? This is probably the time i'll get a new computer.

geek_madmanadam, May 16, 5:33 pm

You're behind the times a mac pro can be configured with 32gb of ram. its a tad expensive to do though! if you get it through apple its something like $15000 for the ram alone. i guess a computer with 8 xeon cores running at 3.2GHz would need that amount of ram to prevent bottlenecks

geek_morrisman1, May 16, 5:36 pm

But to put kingston ram in which is approved for that computer costs under $6000!

geek_morrisman1, May 16, 5:39 pm

Yep My Motherboard can handle upto 24gigs ram, not that i'm going to spend all that money on 4gig chips

geek_swivel, May 16, 5:57 pm

Theres no point. unless you have one hell of a processor (like the mac pro) and a very fast disk array then you wont see the benefits of having more than 4gb of ram at the moment. and you would need to be doing some serious photo editing/video editing work to take advantage of it aswell

geek_morrisman1, May 16, 6:02 pm

That is true Mines just for fun, 2 x Opteron duel core 2.6Ghz cpu's. Windows xp pro 64Bit and only 6gigs of ram at the moment

geek_swivel, May 16, 6:04 pm

.... Yea and 32bits limit is 4GB which most people would have anyway

geek_wholesaler, May 16, 6:05 pm

Most won't even get to see past 3gig's

geek_swivel, May 16, 6:07 pm

I have 4GB and have never used 3GB of it at once

geek_ply-boy, May 16, 6:10 pm

I have 2gb and its perfect for what i need. apartanly 4gb makes a good differences on these macbooks but i couldnt afford it at the time. speaking of which, i have some ram sticks for sale which are mac compatable.

geek_morrisman1, May 16, 6:19 pm

You do know Computer Lovers do it with Plenty of Ram (my bumper sticker)

geek_swivel, May 16, 6:39 pm

Hmm My Computer can only take 8GB, currently only 4 installed... don't really think i need any more at the moment.

geek__sexylady_, May 16, 6:42 pm

I wait for terrabite ram sticks :P

geek_intrade, May 16, 7:04 pm

I want that bumper sticker #11 where can i get one! LOL

geek_nzoomed, May 16, 7:19 pm

Can you get 4 and 8gb sticks now? ive not been building brand new machines for 2 years now! lol

geek_nzoomed, May 16, 7:22 pm

Wife gave me some Bubble bath (and that was in the box) at a chemist

geek_swivel, May 16, 7:25 pm

Lol funny thing to come with your bubble bath!

geek_nzoomed, May 16, 9:22 pm

Server technology to consumer technology consumer computer technology is usually about 5-10 years behind the technology in servers. Plenty of 16GB servers around.

geek_dudekrulz, May 17, 11:20 am

The new ASUS P5Q Premium motherboard runs 16GB

geek_wickedtrader, May 17, 1:16 pm

Lol anyone using windows 32 bit OS with over 3gig of ram is wasting there money.

geek_rcd, May 17, 2:35 pm

#20 you underestimate the bragging factor! .

geek_gibler, May 17, 2:50 pm

Yes #20 is But you would be surprised the amount of people that come into the shop wondering why they cant see 4gigs of there ram

geek_swivel, May 17, 4:23 pm

Lol Swivel i am running Vista Ultimate 32-bit, previous to SP1 it showed 3.3GB of the 4GB that was installeld (Yes my graphics has 512 and the rest was for the PCI Bus) that i understand and what i expect to be normal.... reinstalled the OS that is Vista Ultimate with SP1 included, system now shows the entire 4GB of installed memory... it is NOT supposed to as far as i was aware... is there something i am missing or does Vista SP1 make things graphically display differently, does anyone have ideas on this?

geek__sexylady_, May 17, 5:08 pm


geek_rcd, May 18, 10:05 am

Sexylady I'm not sure. But if SP1 has the affect to open up the barrier for ram, It would be the big Plus for vista.

geek_swivel, May 18, 10:19 am

Well Sexylady you maybe onto something. I just put 4 gigs onto a system here at the shop running Vista Basic. Bios detected 3.5gigs ?? but Vista shows the full 4gigs. SP1 installed. So have to go look and find this out. Also booted into xp (SP3) (Duel boot system) and it shows 3.25gigs

geek_swivel, May 18, 10:34 am

Dont you people use google 4 gig reported yes, 4 gig used no, just an update to stop people complaing they cant see there full 4 gig of ram, is a cosmetic change not a performance one.

geek_rcd, May 18, 10:47 am

Rcd LOL. Yes I use google (just didn't get onto it). But your link says different to you as you can use the full 4 gig's. Quote "Good day all... just to let everyone know... the 3Gb limit with Vista 32 bit is no longer a problem. SP1 allows the system to see and use up to the full 4Gb it was designed to use. " But good to get the link, Thanks

geek_swivel, May 18, 11:11 am

From MS

geek_swivel, May 18, 11:15 am

Wrong make an effort to read more than just the first (wrong) post in future, if you had read the next post you would have seen: "Don't mean to burst your bubble but vista only sees the 4 gigs you have installed. you still will only have 3-3.5 gigs available to use. Check task manager under the performance tab and i bet you will only see 3000-3500MBs to use

geek_rcd, May 18, 12:48 pm

.... the point im trying to make is even though vista 32 bit sp1 may report you have 4gigs of ram it does not mean it will use those 4 gigs of ram, 2 different things entirley, all sp1 has done so far with this issue is stop people stressing about why their 4 gig is REPORTED as just over 3gigs, the update now REPORTS the correct amount of PHYSICAL RAM but not the same as saying how much is able to be used.

geek_rcd, May 18, 12:51 pm

I see what your trying to say But. from MS "Additionally, the System Information tool (Msinfo32.exe) now displays the following entries on the System Summary page: Installed Physical Memory (RAM)
Total Physical Memory
Available Physical Memory " As long as your Bois see's it, SP1 can use it. But in saying that, If you have 3 gig's doesn't mean the system uses that.

geek_swivel, May 18, 4:15 pm