I have a question for an access expert please

abbey_magick, Sep 23, 5:47am
Microsoft office 2007 and calculations in forms

jayc2007, Sep 23, 6:02am
what's the question?

abbey_magick, Sep 23, 6:14am
I wish to perform a calculation in a text box on a form.

The 2 things i need to add are items on 2 seperate tables.
1 number from one table, and 3 numbers (in the same column) on another table.

Can it be done?

abbey_magick, Sep 23, 7:29am
Also I need to know how to pre populate a box in a form.
Currently, I have a form with a combo box, to select a car to purchase. The second box needs to pre populate with "that" cars price.
Is there a way to do this please?
I have MS Access 2007

deodar1, Sep 23, 8:01am
You need a Safe-Cracker Access Expert.

d.laidlaw, Sep 23, 8:05am
Yes the figures can be calculated and depending on the circumstances there are a few ways to do that.

Bind the combo box to the table with the data you require.

You could pay someone to provide the results you want.

gibler, Sep 23, 8:17am
google "cascading combo boxes"

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