Hard drive smokes when connected to power adapter

olack, Sep 23, 6:37am
Smoke wafted from the 4 pin power port on an IDE hard drive. Gee I unplugged the power adapter from the power quickly. Why would the power pins smoke like that? It did not happen with the other hard drives I tested the same way.

gyrogearloose, Sep 23, 6:39am
This drive failed the test - it's faulty - it's got a short circuit. Whack it with a hammer and bin it.

morrisman1, Sep 23, 6:41am
what brand HDD? im guessing Lucas

richms, Sep 23, 6:49am
Its probably been spiked before and the protection diodes are now clamping the supply.

Seen it happen with a crap-tastic plug in adapter that came with a USB to sata cable as well, put out about 15v unloaded so the protection diodes shorted it out and it wouldnt start up on anything till they were desoldered

paddaricko, Sep 23, 6:55am
how was it able to buy smokes? Surely it can't be 18.

gibler, Sep 23, 6:59am
can you determine if the smoke was magic?
I've seen the same thing with an enclosure who power adapter was putting out some mighty strange voltages...

olack, Sep 23, 7:11am
Seagate U6 ST340810A f/w 3.39 DateCode: 02325 with a leather wrap around thing, sleeve I suppose. That was quite impressive. The smoke drifted u so slowly. The adapter seems ok. I have a multimeter and could test it.

richms, Sep 23, 7:14am
There are some spectacularly crap adapters available, and on the larger ones that take a figure 8 cable sellers just get china junk and swap out the lead to make it "legal" to sell on here.

About time the MED came down hard on sellers here IMO, loads of counterfeit laptop adapters and I am sure the sellers do not maintain a compliance file with the data for them - because the compliance tests dont exist and they are ignorant for their legal obligations.

olack, Sep 23, 7:22am
The power adapter I use is Model: SPP26-12.?/5.0-1500
Input:100-250VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5A
Output:12V ---1500mA 5V---1500mA. I notced that same night the smoke the label was darker than I had noticed before and now I ifnd it just lifted off the adapter. It may have got burned but looks more lke it is gotten damp in one spot with a tiny tear in the middle. The adapter top itself does not appear to be burned and it still works ok. I know it can get warm but I don't think it ever got hot, and not that hot.

deodar1, Sep 23, 7:23am
Yes olack, what did you do to the adapter before plugging in?Adapted it perhaps,changed voltage,screwed with earth wire?? C'mon
now,time to fess up.

olack, Sep 23, 7:27am
I dun't do nuthin you....it just smoked.

olack, Sep 23, 7:29am
oh, hold on. It was plugged into a 6 power thing, the cheap ones, and when I plugged it in to that 6 thing there was flashes, and that happened the two times before I plugged in the power adapter earlier and one other electrical thing, whatever that was. Normal criterion apply in this instance deodar.

richms, Sep 23, 7:31am
Bust it open and post a photo. Bet it has 20% the parts of a real adapter. No feedback regulation, no protection for overvoltage etc.

Lots of the dual output ones will go way overvoltage on one supply if you take too much current from the other one.

deodar1, Sep 23, 7:47am
Yeah right;olacks' normal criteria.Did you fart without paying the tax?

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