Problems installing adobe 10

faulkner5, Sep 25, 11:46pm
I am trying to install adobe and it is not even showing up. What else can I do???

r.g.nixon, Sep 25, 11:53pm
Adobe makes dozens of things.
The '10' makes me think of Adobe Flash 10.1.
Go to, run the Flash uninstaller (pick the IE or non-IE one depending on your web browser). Then download and install Flash again.

thistleslass, Oct 12, 11:45am
ahh just the answer I was looking for, will do that in the morning, thanksr.g.

blenheim-trader, Oct 12, 11:49am
try the full installers.

Internet explorer Flash Player (Non-IE)

thistleslass, Oct 12, 11:59am
What is meant by full installers?

blenheim-trader, Oct 12, 12:05pm
Full means exactly that you can save them and install later without being connected to internet.

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